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My New Found Respect for the Kardashians

27 Jan

When I first heard of the Kardashian family, I thought that they were just another wealthy family famous for being famous (and of course, their reality show). I could care less.

But over the past year, I have grown to love the family. They are all hardworking business women and men and care about each other more than anything. Even though some have made a few mistakes, such as Khloe’s DUI, they are pretty stable. Some people compare them to the Hilton’s, and personally, I think they are a lot more classy than Paris and Nicky. If people in Hollywood hate you so much that you need a reality show to find your BFF, there’s a problem, Paris.

The Kardashian’s are a family and a brand, and have used their name to sell fashion, perfume and books. Their Christmas cards are breathtaking, and in interviews they are always collected and proper and speak intelligently.

And congrats to Kourtney on being pregnant with baby #2!

the Kardashian 2011 Christmas card