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Goon Shoots….and Scores

6 Mar

I saw Goon for the first time last night, and I loved it. I have always liked sports films, and this one made me laugh and get upset with some characters. The story is based in Canada, around an American hockey player. Being Canadian, I loved it. Sean William Scott did a great job as Doug,┬áthe outcast player who is still learning the rules. Kim Coates is the Halifax coach, and his personality makes it funny to watch. Allison Pil is Doug’s love interest, who unfourtunatly has a boyfriend. Jay Baruchel is Doug’s best friend, who has quite a mouth on him but is extremley supportive, unlike Doug’s dissaproving parents. Liev Schreiber is Ross Rhea, the aggressive player Doug looks up to. My favourite character, surprising to most people, is Laflamme, the player who is not given enough credit. Montreal born Marc-Andre Grondin portrays the angry stoner, and I loved it. I loved everything about this movie, and being Canadian, how could I not fall for a hockey movie.

Liev Schreiber and Sean William Scott put up their fists