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My Favourite Disney Movies

10 Apr

Like many kids growing up in the ’90s, I was brought up on the classic Disney films. Animated to live action, I loved the way Disney presented their stories through memorable characters and songs.

1. Pocahontas. This will always be my number one Disney movie. Colors of the Wind, Just Around the River Bend, Savages. And John Smith was my first cartoon crush.

2. Robin Hood. I love how the characters are animals. Lady Kluck is my favourite character, I love her humor.

3. Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Great songs, penguins. Enough said.

4. Peter Pan. I love the story, and this is my favourite version. I love the mermaids and the Lost Boys, and of course, Peter himself.

5. Hercules. Being Greek, this has to be on my list. Meg is my all time favourite Disney female. The songs are super catchy, and I loved Hades.

6. Tarzan. Favourite Disney album ever. Phil Collins is a genuis and the songs are so touching. I love how Tarzan grows and learns with the help of Jane. And Turk is simply the best.

7. Mulan. I’ll Make a Man Out of You! Love this song (it was sung by Donny Osmond!) The story of a girl who takes her father’s place in the war will always make my life seem like a joke, but I still love her!

8. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Saddest movie ever. He is the only guy who doesn’t get the girl 😦 Still, I love the songs and the characters. Can’t help but cry everytime.

9. Alice in Wonderland. Love the animated and live action. They’re at a tie. I love the songs in the classic one, and I love Tim Burton’s twist.

10. Lilo and Stitch. I love Hawaii and I love these characters. Nobody gets left behind.