Extremley Loud & Incredibly Close

31 Jan
Last night I saw Extremley Loud & Incredibly Close, and I was very impressed. The story has many twists and turns and I was hooked to the screen within the first five minutes.

Thomas Horn stole the spotlight from legends Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock as their young son Oskar Schell. His performance as a cofused, frustrated and incredibly intelligent young boy was amazing for his first performance, and no one else could have presented it as well as he did. Another amazing performance was Max von Sydow as the mysterious renter. When Oskar’s grandmother told him that the renter was from the old country and that he was dangerous, I thought that maybe he was a Nazi hiding out in New York. When he and Oskar first meet and we discover that he does not speak, I saw him differently. He was a sweet, helpful and brave man who had a traumatic childhood, and wanted to help this young boy who turns out to be his grandson.

Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright gave a heartmelting perfomance as the divorcing couple who turn out to be the link between the key that Oskar found in his dad’s closet.

The arguing scenes between Bullock and Horn and gripping, and when he told her he wishes she has died at 9/11 instead of his dad, I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. The final scene between mother and son, when she tells him how she visited all of the Black’s before he did, and tried to think like him, made me see her in a new light. I saw Linda as a mother who did not understand her son and was distancing herself from him, but now I saw her as a strong mother who did not know how to talk to her son, not that she did not want to.

I have not cried this much during a movie since The Notebook and 50/50 and I would love to see it over and over again.

father and son share a laugh

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