Young Adult? how about Unimpressed Adult?

19 Jan

In this case, I am the unimpressed adult. I try to find the good in every film, sometimes I even dig as deep as I can, to find something I like about it. This was the rare occasion where I wanted by $10 movie ticket back. Charlize Theron is better than this, so is the entire cast. Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman seemed to think that they could rekindle their chemistry after the success of Juno, sadley they were wrong. With the trailer, I was fooled into thinking that Young Adult was going to be a fun comedy about a woman who is refusing to grow up and trying to win her high school flame back. I was only right about the last part. Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth Reeser, Patton Oswald and Collette Wolfe were robbed of their performances because of a dull script. The storyline is a good one, but is played out poorly. Oswald’s character Matt did tug at my heartstrings when he was telling the tale of his hate crime. The scene where Mavis and Matt have sex was not surprising, since she couldn’t get with Buddy, she was taking advantage of Matt; or at least I think so.

I was surprised when Theron was nominated for a Golden Globe, personally I don’t think she derserved it. I am still a fan of her, and I am super excited to see her as the Queen in this summer’s Snow White and the Hunstman. Patrick Wilson is still a stud, Reeser is still my Esme, Wolfe is still the actress with the cute nose and Oswald is still the actor who can sometimes get a good laugh. I was dissapointed, and I hope that Cody and Reitman try harder next time.

Charlize Theron as Mavis


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