My Jolly Sailor Bold

18 Jan

I love Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides even though a lot of my friends have said that the Pirates franchise is worn out. I was not a big fan of the last two films, they seemed to be all over the place and not very fluid. I understand that special effects are extremely important in films like those, but I felt like the cast was relying too hard on them, rather than their own acting. I seriously believe that one of the main reasons why I liked the fourth film so much was because it felt like it was a new beginning and everything was starting over. The legend of the Fountain of Youth has been around for centuries and how the writers made it the main theme was a smart idea. I am also a huge fan of mermaids, and I loved the mermaids in this film. The song that Gemma Ward sings, My Jolly Sailor Bold, is so romantic and heartbreaking at the same time. She uses her song as a trap to lure in sailors, another part that I love about mermaids. The soundtrack is amazing, as was the first soundtrack, and the music puts it all in the right mood. And of course Johnny Depp never fails as Captain Jack and Penelope Cruz stuns as the fiesty Angelica. Astrid Berges-Frisbey made her English speaking debut in this film as the mermaid Syrena and does an excellent job capturing myth and beauty. I cannot wait to watch this film again.

Gemma Ward as Tamara



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