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Extremley Loud & Incredibly Close

31 Jan
Last night I saw Extremley Loud & Incredibly Close, and I was very impressed. The story has many twists and turns and I was hooked to the screen within the first five minutes.

Thomas Horn stole the spotlight from legends Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock as their young son Oskar Schell. His performance as a cofused, frustrated and incredibly intelligent young boy was amazing for his first performance, and no one else could have presented it as well as he did. Another amazing performance was Max von Sydow as the mysterious renter. When Oskar’s grandmother told him that the renter was from the old country and that he was dangerous, I thought that maybe he was a Nazi hiding out in New York. When he and Oskar first meet and we discover that he does not speak, I saw him differently. He was a sweet, helpful and brave man who had a traumatic childhood, and wanted to help this young boy who turns out to be his grandson.

Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright gave a heartmelting perfomance as the divorcing couple who turn out to be the link between the key that Oskar found in his dad’s closet.

The arguing scenes between Bullock and Horn and gripping, and when he told her he wishes she has died at 9/11 instead of his dad, I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. The final scene between mother and son, when she tells him how she visited all of the Black’s before he did, and tried to think like him, made me see her in a new light. I saw Linda as a mother who did not understand her son and was distancing herself from him, but now I saw her as a strong mother who did not know how to talk to her son, not that she did not want to.

I have not cried this much during a movie since The Notebook and 50/50 and I would love to see it over and over again.

father and son share a laugh

I’m not very lucky, but…

27 Jan

I just entered a trip for two to the 2012 Grammys! I’m usually not very lucky, but I really hope this time I win! I will be taking my best friend, and fellow Foo Fanatic Meggan ❤

All I can do now is wait and see what happens!


My New Found Respect for the Kardashians

27 Jan

When I first heard of the Kardashian family, I thought that they were just another wealthy family famous for being famous (and of course, their reality show). I could care less.

But over the past year, I have grown to love the family. They are all hardworking business women and men and care about each other more than anything. Even though some have made a few mistakes, such as Khloe’s DUI, they are pretty stable. Some people compare them to the Hilton’s, and personally, I think they are a lot more classy than Paris and Nicky. If people in Hollywood hate you so much that you need a reality show to find your BFF, there’s a problem, Paris.

The Kardashian’s are a family and a brand, and have used their name to sell fashion, perfume and books. Their Christmas cards are breathtaking, and in interviews they are always collected and proper and speak intelligently.

And congrats to Kourtney on being pregnant with baby #2!

the Kardashian 2011 Christmas card

my favourite celebrity couples <3

27 Jan

Over the years, I have followed the lives of some couples. Some are still together, while some are not. Nonetheless, they are still in my favourite books. So here’s to the golden couple of Hollywood, then and now.

1. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

all she had to do was whistle

2. Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes

those who make films together, stay together

3. Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston

before she was just his girlfriend, then she became a star

4. Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon

short, cute and jewish 🙂

5. Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs

a match made in musical heaven

6. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

i really hope they can work things out

7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

beautiful people

8. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka

here's to the gays ❤

9. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

love my lesbians ❤

10. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

age wasn't nothin but a number

Those Eyes Make Me Melt

25 Jan
Puss in Boots ws nomintated for Best Animated Film this year, and I have a feeling why. It is a very cute and funny film, and I liked it a lot. But I think that the main reason it was nominated was because the Academy members could not resist the kitten eyes. Those big, dark, green eyes that captivate you the second he looks at the screen. I am a cat lover, and Puss in probably the cutest animated cat I have seen. Anime cats are super cute as well, but nothing will compare to senor Puss.

absolutley smitten



Lessons to be learned from Disney Princesses!

24 Jan

Sarah Forshaw's Blog

Well I was talking about all the Disney princess movies, with my mom and little sister today, and got to thinking about all of the morals I never noticed before. So I thought I might share them with you today!

1. Cinderella.

Moral: The right shoes really can change your life for the better! 😉

2. Sleeping Beauty

Moral: People who say “you are sleeping your life away” are straight up wrong! I mean Aurora found the love of her life just by sleeping 😉


Moral: Having a pet tiger is really cool!

4. Snow white

Moral: Accepting food from strangers is a serious no no!

5. Ariel

Moral: Guys are happy enough just to have you around…So you don’t even have to talk to him 😉

6. Pocahontas

Moral: Falling in love with Mel Gibson is never a good idea!

7. Belle

Moral: It is tough work trying to change…

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i need opinions

24 Jan

I have this photo essay on the colour red, and I am torn on this one photo. I don’t know which one I like more, the darker one or the lighter one.

If you could let me know which one you like, I would appreciate it!

Thanks 🙂